Churches join together to feed the hungry


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Different faith communities can see each other as adversaries

Like in many other cities, the population of Greensboro, North Carolina, is becoming more of a melting pot over time, and while there is sometimes tension between natives and newcomers, often the individual churches can see each other as competitors over doctrinal differences.

Solution: Unite under a common cause

For the fourth time, Moulden’s congregation at St. Francis Episcopal Church packed food to send to developing nations.

But this year, the church asked Havivi’s members at Beth David Synagogue to join them.

Together, the two faith communities filled 25,000 bags of food for Stop Hunger Now, an organization focused on providing food to countries in need.

“Hunger is a terrible problem in the world,” Havivi said.

More than 80 people worked together Sunday to help pack food to send to the 65 countries that Stop Hunger Now helps.

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