Startup creates device that tracks every shot fired from a police officer’s gun


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Police-involved shootings are very difficult to track

Police shootings have come under heightened scrutiny in the United States lately in the wake of several recent fatal events, including the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer.

Solution: Gun-mounted device tracks every time it is shot

Now a startup company is hoping to track police shootings more closely for both the sake of the officers and the wider public. The company, Yardarm, has developed a sensor that fits in the base of a police officer's Glock sidearm, which records not only every time the gun is fired, but other potentially revealing information including location, the direction the weapon was pointed when fired, and when exactly it was unholstered. The encrypted data is then sent wirelessly to a mobile app in realtime, where other officers and commanders can access it, allowing them to respond if an officer is in trouble. Yardarm announced last week that it has just begun field trials of the technology with the Sheriff's Department of Santa Cruz, California, and the Carrollton, Texas Police Department. It will also be demoing the tech this week at a police conference in Orlando, Florida.

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