Ugandan radio stations broadcast “forgiveness songs” to child soldiers, asking them to come home


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Child soldiers are coerced into doing things they feel are unforgivable

In the Acholi region of northern Uganda, child soldiers are initiated into militias by being coerced to kill a family member or friend in the village. If they feel they have done something unforgivable, the militia becomes their new home. LRA commanders tell child soldiers and their subordinates that they will be killed by UN Peacekeepers if they try to surrender.

Solution: Broadcast messages inviting them to come back home

The Amplify Peace initiative is an attempt to amplify and help expand "come home" FM broadcast programing, pioneered and so effectively employed by local stations in Uganda throughout the course of the conflict there. Our goal with this current initiative is to provide more ongoing support for the UN's DDR/RR (Disarmament, Demobilization, Repatriation, Reintegration, and Resettlement) efforts in The Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic in terms of FM radio station construction and operation, and with "come home" and safe surrender broadcast content production recorded locally. The scarves are printed with lyrics from Dwog Paco songs in Luo, the language of the Acholi people, with translation included. Their words, your voice. Amplify Peace.

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