College partners with high school to provide graduating students an Associates Degree


Many high school students don’t continue on to college

Administrators at the Lee County School District in North Carolina noticed that many students are traditionally left out by college immersion programs. Often, only the highest-performing or wealthiest students got the attention they needed to succeed in college.

Solution: Community college partners with high school to provide an Associates Degree education upon graduation

A local community college, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, connected with the Lee County School District to reach at-risk and first-generation college prospects, by integrating college curricula into high school courses. Participating students graduate with an Associates Degree.

The program has now grown into a partnership with UNC Chapel Hill. Students who reach a certain grade point average are automatically qualified for a scholarship at the university.

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Article by: Jenny Barrow

Jenny is a non-profit manager with experience in: program, volunteer, and resource development; social media marketing; evaluation, community organization and data analysis. Jenny loves working with nonprofits and community based organizations and helping them come up with socially innovative solutions that better tell the story of the organization, measure impact and improve efficiency.
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