Firefighter invents trauma bag for schools and government buildings


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Trauma victims may wait too long for first responders

In a mass emergency, such as a school shooting, Cliff Letizia told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik it’s not always easy or safe for first responders to make it to injured victims.

“What we’re noticing is it’s taking a lot longer to get to the patients that need immediate treatment,” he said.

Solution: Make emergency supplies available on site

Letizia said it’s important to start care immediately for some trauma patients, so he invented an emergency bag of supplies that someone, with just a little training but no formal medical experience, can use at a scene.

The Immediate Action Care for Trauma (IACT) bags contain everything from tourniquets to bandages and blankets with step-by-step directions about how to use them properly until paramedics can arrive.

“If there was an incident, we’d be able to start treating patients a lot faster than waiting for first responders to get there,” he said. “It’s meant to walk someone who has no medical training at all right through the complete process of doing a patient assessment.”

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