High school students receive immersion experience in philanthropy with Community 101 course


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Teens have limited engagement with local nonprofits

Aside from the occasional Eagle project or can drive, many teens have little engagement with philanthropic causes, even the ones in their own backyard.

Solution: High school course puts students to work for local nonprofits

For the past six years, the WAHS AIM Leadership class has been involved with Community 101. The mission of Community 101 is to provide students opportunities for service and leadership through grant making and community service.

Community 101 works with the Oregon Community Foundation to expand across Oregon. This year, WAHS’s AIM Leadership class working with Trail Blazers Foundation to fund the Community 101 program.

The AIM program comes up with a new mission statement every year, then searches for nonprofits that help fulfill that mission to give them a small financial boost.

In the past, students have helped groups that support therapeutic learning; fine art and healthy, creative lives; and the mental and physical well-being of area youth.

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