Laundry machines in public schools can dramatically increase attendance


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Low-income students skip school because their clothes are dirty

Children with poor school attendance seem like an insurmountable problem, but a recent study found that one in five middle and high school-age students report not having clean clothes to wear to school. It logically follows that an at-risk teen who doesn’t have anything to wear, will likely skip out on school.

Solution: Principal convinces manufacturer to donate laundry machines for the students

Last year the good people at Whirlpool created the Whirlpool Care Counts Program and donated seventeen pairs of washers and dryers to school districts in St. Louis and in Fairfield, California. The schools then invited kids with attendance problems to bring in their laundry to be cleaned while they were in class.

The results were astounding: over 90% of participating students increased their attendance that year, at-risk students attended almost two more weeks of school, and each student got approximately 50 loads of laundry done at school. This year, Whirlpool will expand the program to twenty more schools in five more districts.

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