Tattoo removal cream uses the body’s immune system


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Tattoos are painful and expensive to remove

The decision to get a tattoo is something many people later regret. And not only is laser tattoo removal expensive and painful, but the treatments are often not possible for many people who would like to remove visible tattoos for work reasons.

Solution: New cream removes tattoos for a fraction of the cost

Canadian Alec Falkenham has invented a cream that successfully removes tattoos from pig ears (the material of choice for tattoo artists to practice on) for a fraction of the cost of laser removal, and without any residual scarring.

The creme works by targeting the white blood cells (macrophages) that captured the ink originally injected by the tattooist’s machine. A treated tattoo doesn’t vanish instantly once the creme is applied. Multiple applications are needed, and Falkenham isn’t completely sure how many would be required for complete removal.

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