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Mentally disabled adults in developing countries have few resources

The founders of Poly Garden in Lakkidi, Kerala, India noticed the pathetic plight of adult Mentally Challenged persons in their own houses. Although some of them had attended a Day Care Center in their younger days, they had no institutional base either to support them or to train them. In Kerala, generally very few institutions prefer to admit adult boys and train them and shelter them for a life time.

Solution: Provide residential vocational training

The institution admits special needs persons and offers them vocational training which in turn changes the entire course of their life.

Making Wire Cut Bricks, Pots and vessels are selected to give practical life training in a homely atmosphere. Within a period of few years, by the help of our special teachers, the trainees acquire sufficient practical knowledge to cope up with their daily routines. They also develop a professional taste. For training them in the above mentioned trades we have appointed six trained and qualified assistant teachers and one vocational counselor.

In order to accommodate the inmates who are above the age of 35 years we have started an old age home. At present, 62 inmates can be accommodated in the old age home. They will be provided food and accommodation and will be engaged in small vocations according to their capacity. We give Yoga Training under the guidelines of a qualified teacher. These practices of yoga help them to do their work in a better way.

At present more than thirty of our inmates have completed vocational training successfully and they are engaged in different vocations. The main objective of our Vocational training centre is to develop skills and employability of person with disability which in turn will lead to economic and social empowerment. For this, the institution is planning to bring forth certain effective programmes immediately.

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