Underemployed workers pick up nursing certifications on the side


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Transition to “gig economy” leaves many workers economically insecure

A 2016 economic report showed that virtually all of the jobs regained since the 2008 U.S. recession were temp or contracting positions. This transition to a “gig economy” provides cost savings and flexibility for employers, but leaves many workers unsure about long-term financial stability. As corporations lose what loyalty they once felt to employees, workers will need to develop additional skills and certifications to increase their employment opportunities.

Solution: Get licensed in a high-demand trade skill as a backup plan

As our population ages, demand for Certified Nursing Assistants and other medical specialists will continue to grow. A worker struggling to find more economic security can quickly earn a CNA certification and find work to fill in their schedule. While the pay isn’t high (most CNAs earn $11 – 13 an hour), the certification is a popular launching pad for higher-paying opportunities in the medical field.

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