Local initiative reduces city waste by teaching residents to compost


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As cities grow, their food waste grows as well

If everyone composted, then we could transform a city – but unfortunately, it is difficult to change behavior for a large group of people.

Solution: Train composting class for the general public

The Master Composter/Soil Builder program is a part of the Natural Soil Building program, managed by Seattle Tilth and sponsored by Seattle Public Utilities.

We began in 1986, training volunteers to teach others about composting. We have shared our model with other organizations in the U.S. and they have created similar programs. Today there are more than 500 Master Composter training programs in North American and abroad.The Master Composter/Soil Builder (MC/SB) volunteer program is a key partner in Seattle’s waste reduction and recycling efforts. We help city residents to build worm bins, recycle food and yard waste at their homes, build healthy urban soils and support thriving landscapes throughout the city.

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