Save ecologically vulnerable areas by highlighting the money they generate

Problem: local governments may undervalue natural areas

The march of economic development seems to move forward unimpeded by long-term considerations of environmental well-being or preservation of the local way of life. As the city of Ensenada grows, the famous surf break of San Miguel, along with its coastal estuary, are threatened with destruction. While the construction of condos or a resort may generate some short-term revenues for the community, it would be at the expense of destroying a beloved location that draws visitors from all over the world.

Solution: calculate the economic impact of the tourism those areas generate

Some stakeholders are only going to listen when they see the financial reasoning. On February 20th, the team of Bahía Todos Santos WSR, Save The Waves and Pronatura Ensenada participated on a workshop organized by United Athletes of The Pacific Ocean (UAPO), as part of San Miguel Open 2015. The purpose was to show the economic value of converting the area into a protected State Park. They hope that by showing the existing benefits of the location that would be jeopardized by further development, they can convince the government of Mexico to convert the area into a state park.

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