Save the bees by throwing “seed bombs” into vacant lots


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As greenspaces are developed, bees are dying off

The concrete sprawl of urban areas is leaving honeybees fewer wildflowers to support their populations. This combined with other contributing factors, has led to the consistent decline of honeybee populations over the last decade. Bees are the primary pollinators of most of the fruit and vegetable crops we depend on for food.

Solution: Guerrilla gardeners are cultivating vacant spaces with flowers and herbs

Seed bombs began as a fun and friendly tactic for greening abandoned lots in urban spaces. “Guerrilla gardeners” throw balls of seeds and fertilizer into fenced-off spaces that are otherwise neglected, such as brownfields or land in zoning limbo.

Now, a California company is using seed bombs as a strategy to fight the disappearance of bees. Ei Ei Khin and Chris Burley started Seedles with the aim of spreading bee-friendly wildflowers in neighborhoods around the country. Their goal is to grow 1 billion wildflowers with the help of colorful seed balls, a project they call “Grow the Rainbow.”

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