This grocery store cuts waste by eliminating packaging altogether


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Supermarkets generate considerable waste from food packaging

The average carload of groceries could contain over a garbage can worth of food packaging. This incredibly wasteful practice fills our landfills, depletes natural resources, and makes the food we eat more expensive.

Solution: Supermarket dispenses with the packaging whenever possible

A German supermarket concept is cutting costs and waste by eliminating packaging whenever possible. Most products are dispensed from bulk bins into reusable containers the shoppers bring from home. Other products are displayed in open shelving areas.

What makes this idea especially appealing is its potential to pass on cost savings to the customer, making these stores potentially cheaper than their competitors. Hopefully this will spark a competitive race to reduce unnecessary packaging wherever possible.

<blockquote>"If greener solutions aren't affordable enough, they underline the sense that living a supposedly pared-down life is essentially a lifestyle hobby for people with enough spare cash to play at green dress-up."</blockquote>

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