When politicians won’t budge on a third-rail issue, use humor


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Politicians won't budge on a third-rail issue

The War on Drugs is a hot-button issue that doesn't seem to improve. Despite a constant stream of findings that treating addiction through the criminal justice system is ineffective, expensive, and inhumane, politicians are unwilling to risk the ire of voters by appearing "weak on crime."

Solution: Use the power of satire to appeal to the public

A recent Canadian campaign pokes fun at the behaviors of politicians who are unwiling to reverse outdated and ineffective drug policies. Satire may seem like frivolity, but by appealing to the general public, humorists are able to break through some of the grassroots ire that prevents politicians from pursuing more reasonable laws. By using the politicians as scapegoats, satirists are able to tackle the true barrier to progress – recalcitrant voters.

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