Engineer invents cheap, needle-free test for anemia


[image credit: Mumbai Mirror]

Every new mother needs an anemia test, but they are expensive

In India, 40% of pregnancy-related deaths are related to anemia. An anemia screening is a standard blood test recommended for every woman, but the test can cost up to half a day's wage to administer. As a result, many women don't get screened.

Solution: Find a cheaper, non-invasive way to measure hemoglobin

Since hemoglobin is a pigment, it can be detected through a non-invasive process called photoplethysmography, that shines various wavelengths of light through the finger. An Indian engineer has developed a process that can conduct this test for a fraction of the cost of a blood draw. This new device is a ring-like object worn on the patient's index finger, and connected to a palm-sized monitor.

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