Soup kitchen creates emergency warming shelter with help from city

city provides support for emergency warming shelter for the homeless
[image credit: Lebanon Soup Kitchen]

Cold months bring dangerous temperatures to local homeless

When temperatures reached well below freezing last year, the Lebanon Soup Kitchen opened an emergency warming shelter for homeless residents in the area. However, the shelter was closed due to liability concerns. Any incidents of crime or accident at the shelter could have financially jeopardized the entire soup kitchen.

Solution: City contributes insurance coverage and oversight for a warming shelter

The City of Lebanon, Oregon worked with the Lebanon Soup Kitchen to establish a warming shelter at a local church affiliated with the kitchen. On nights when the temperature drops to 20 degrees or below, the Police Chief will open the shelter from 7pm to 7am. The shelter will be staffed by volunteers and and supervised by police officers. The city has agreed to cover liability by providing insurance coverage for the shelter.

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