Don’t just feed the hungry: have them sit with a caseworker

Delaware food bank meets with parents
[image credit: Delaware Online]

Food insecurity is often the tip of the iceberg

For a family under the poverty line, a backpack full of canned goods may make the difference in getting children through the weekend and back to school, where they receive a solid breakfast. But when there is hunger, there are usually other needs. In a high-poverty area, it can be difficult for caseworkers to get out to each home to assess needs.

Solution: When serving kids in need, try to meet the parents

Volunteers at the G.W. Carver Educational Center in Frankford, Delaware have a backpack program that sends hungry kids home with food for the weekend. Families who are new to the program are invited to come in person to pick up their food and meet with a caseworker. Often, the caseworker is able to discover additional needs, and will refer them to parenting programs, other social services, or training programs to teach basic life and work skills.

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