Berlin cafe takes advantage of “ugly” produce

new movement promotes "ugly" produce
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One-third of produce is thrown away, judged not fit for stores

A third of fruits and vegetables are thrown away by farmers, because they are too “ugly” or misshapen for the store. This food is perfectly good for eating, but not up to the standards set by supermarket executives. Not only are these standards incredibly wasteful, but they artificially restrict the food supply, driving prices higher than they would be if “imperfect” fruits and vegetables were allowed on the market.

Restaurant highlights “ugly produce” while also cutting food costs

Movements around the world are focusing on these “ugly” vegetables, not only as a novelty, but also as a way to cut food costs. The Culinary Misfits cafe in Berlin sources castoff produce from nearby farmers that is deemed unsuitable for supermarkets. One of the founders, Tanja Krakowski said “Farmers normally can’t make any money with these vegetables. They’re thrown away, or plowed under, or used as animal feed.” In addition to offering breakfast and lunch fares made from these vegetables, the cafe has a prominent display of misfit vegetables and an explanation of the movement.

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