Cut food waste at schools by holding lunch after recess


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When kids are excited about recess, they rush through lunch

Because of a federal rule, kids throw away millions of dollars of fruits and vegetables every single day at school. Schools that schedule recess immediately after lunch, experience 54% higher food waste. Children are so eager to get to recess, that they eat a minimal amount of food and throw the rest in the garbage.

Solution: Hold lunch after recess

When recess takes place before kids sit down to eat – instead of after – fruit and vegetable consumption increases by 54%.

“Recess is a pretty big deal for most kids. If you have kids choose between playing and eating their veggies, the time spent playing is going to win most of the time,” said Joe Price, an economics professor at Brigham Young University. “You just don’t want to set the opportunity cost of good behaviors too high.”

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