Food bank gets free publicity from local student marketing club

food bank gets free publicity from student marketing club
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Budgets are tight and marketing isn’t a high priority

When your primary goal is to provide an important public service, every penny spent on overhead or promotion can be scrutinized. This can create a vicious cycle where even important functions such as marketing are cut to reduce operational overhead. While this “nonprofit starvation cycle” is a larger problem, many organizations are looking for free or inexpensive sources of publicity.

Solution: Get free publicity from student marketing club

Many colleges and even some high schools have marketing clubs for students interested in a career in business or communications. Outreach East, a food bank in Davison, Michigan, holds an annual marketing competition for local high schools: teams compete to create the best marketing campaign for a food drive, and the winning team receives a pizza party. Not only does it raise thousands of pounds of goods for the food pantry, but it also provides a valuable hands-on learning experience for the students.

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