Food Bank Prepares for Busy Season with Annual Volunteer Day

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Valdosta Times

Problem: food bank demand spikes while supply falls

Like most food banks around the nation, Second Harvest of South Georgia experiences a significant increase in patrons during the holiday season. Not only does this threaten to empty the shelves of the food pantry, but with the holiday, many local volunteers are too busy with family and vacations to help.

Fewer volunteers means that even in the event of a holiday food drive,  the food pantry is too understaffed to package and sort all of the incoming food donations.

Solution: Annual volunteer day boosts contributions and volunteer hours

Second Harvest addresses all of these problems by scheduling an annual Volunteer Day. Members of the community, schools, churches, and civic organizations are invited to bring cash and food donations to the food bank, and then stay to sort and package the incoming contributions to prepare them for the holiday season. Not only does a holiday drive help to adequately stock the pantry for the colder months, but it often brings an infusion of cash to help meet an increase in demand for other services.

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Ask your local food bank if they hold an annual volunteer day.

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