Food drives at supermarkets gather high-quality contributions

Food drives at the supermarket are more effective than door-to-door drives
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Many donations to food banks are distressed cast-offs

Door-to-door food drives are a great way to find a useful home for those odds-and-ends in your pantry – that dented can of green beans, or a jar of capers you didn’t know what to do with – but food banks need common, everyday staples that are nutritious and easy to cook. For a family struggling with food insecurity, a randomized assortment of exotic ingredients may be more stressful than helpful. We need to find a way to get people to donate things they would actually be willing to eat themselves.

Solution: prompt shoppers to pick up something extra as they enter and leave the supermarket

As part of their annual Scouting For Food drive, the Boy Scouts gather every year at supermarkets around the country to urge shoppers to buy something extra to give to the food bank. By prompting shoppers before they enter the store, the Boy Scouts are able to receive donations of high-demand, top-shelf products they know will be useful to food bank clients. In addition, gathering at the supermarket allows a small group of scouts to cover more ground compared to door-to-door drives, since donors are coming to them.

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