Local church starts food pantry in its basement

Food pantry in basement of church
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No local services for hungry residents of small, rural town

Hunger doesn’t limit itself to the city-dweller, and struggling people in rural areas find they have fewer community resources to turn to when times get tough. The nearest food bank may be prohibitively far, and in some towns the only place to turn may be your local church.

Solution: Local church creates grassroots food pantry, becomes satellite of larger urban food bank

When leaders of the Zion Lutheran Church in Mohall, North Dakota, saw that local residents struggled to find enough food, they decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a tiny food pantry and soliciting donations. “We started out with one room, we had one freezer,” says Verna Schoenberg, a food pantry worker. Eventually, the food pantry grew in size, and it now occupies the church basement. They are now affiliated with the Great Plains Food Bank, which helps meet demand by providing additional supplies of food.

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