Food bank reaches hungry rural families through school program

food bank reaches rural areas by distributing bags at schools
[image credit: Perry County Food Bank]

Rural food bank clients are difficult to reach

Urban food banks have a double advantage, since they are often better-funded and have an easier time reaching clients, who are often located in neighborhoods with higher population density. By contrast, smaller rural food banks have a similarly small donor pool, and it can be very difficult to reach all of the outlying rural neighborhoods without significant operational costs.

Solution: Send food home with schoolkids

After receiving a $12,000 Pinnacle Health Foundation grant, coupled with matching funds from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, the Perry County Food Bank was able to implement a program at New Bloomfield Elementary School that sends bags of food home with students. Students receive bags on Friday afternoon, containing enough food for three meals and snacks for the weekend. Parents can view information on how to apply for the program by visiting the website of the school or the food bank.

Current funding will enable the food bank to serve up to 250 students, and they are looking for additional funding from local businesses to continue the program.

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