Try locating your food bank close to other social services


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Local poor have a harder time reaching some social services

When the Missoula Food Bank decided it had outgrown its current facility, there were a number of reasons to consider a move. Not only was space and parking limited, but the remote location was difficult to reach, far from transit lines, and many patrons would have to spend the time to travel to the other end of town to reach other social services.

Solution: Locate related organizations in the same vicinity to take advantage of proximity

The food bank director was able to find a larger site in a better location closer to other services, such as the Salvation Army. The site's closeness to Mountain Line bus stops and a bike trail also increases people's ability to access the food bank, said Jessica Allred, the organization's director of development and advocacy.

"Transportation is one of the most-cited barriers to food access for people in need in Missoula," Allred said.

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