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It is difficult to keep students on task and give them meaningful feedback on classroom behavior

There are many individual behaviors in a classroom that contribute to student success but are difficult to track in a positive way. Examples include completing homework, being on time, speaking the target language, staying on task, etc. Teachers often use reward and demerit systems but these can be unwieldy and are usually recorded in a gradebook that is invisible to students. Without magical powers like the teachers at Hogwarts have, it is hard for students to get timely feedback on their progress. Fifteen points for Gryffindor!

Solution: Teachers use app to track and reward behavior

Classroom Dojo is an iStore app that allows teachers to track customized behaviors. Students or groups of students are able to select avatars to represent them in the app. The teacher can reward appropriate behavior by giving points to the avatar or take points away for poor behavior. Rather than waiting for progress reports to come out, students are able to track their progress in real time and are motivated to gain points for their avatar.

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Article by: McKay Barrow

McKay is researching leading practices in second language acquisition. He has M.A. degrees in Anthropology and Second Language Studies from UC Santa Barbara and the University of Indiana. On a good day he'll tell you about living through the 2009 Urumqi riots in Xinjiang.
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