High school uses drama department to educate parents about drug abuse


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Many parents are clueless about the risks and signs of drug addiction

Most Baltimore residents have lost a close friend or loved one to drug abuse, but many still know nothing about the signs of drug use, its contributing causes, or what to do about it.

Solution: Use theater to immerse parents in the drug user's perspective

A four-show run of the original production, "Addicted," started at North Harford High School in Pylesville Thursday night. The play, which was written and directed by North Harford school psychologist Christle Henzel and stars North Harford students and alumni, is a series of monologues by three people in their early 20s who are addicts, as well as monologues from actors portraying their friends, parents, siblings and significant others, who describe in wrenching detail, the pain that the addicts they love are putting them through.

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