Medication disposal kits keep drugs out of the wrong hands


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Leftover pain medications can lead to experimentation

Many heroin users report that they started with prescription pain killers. Often, a bottle of leftover pain medication can lead to experimentation and then dependency. Once the medication runs out, new addicts find cheaper options on the street. Medicine cabinets are also a target for thieves, who can sell stolen pain meds on the street.

Solution: Drug manufacturers distribute medication disposal kits along with prescriptions

Safely dispose of your leftover or expired medication and you may prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands. The state of Virginia is making medication disposal kits, donated by the manufacturer, available to the public through participating organizations. With a little tap water, pills can be destroyed and disposed of safely.

While this is a start, it would be even more effective to have pharmacies distribute medication disposal kits along with pain medication, at the time it is dispensed.

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