Draw volunteers to food drive by recruiting the local sports team

sports team helps draw volunteers to event
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Lack of volunteers got you down?

There’s nothing worse than planning a big event and worrying about not having enough volunteers to pull off a success. It takes collaboration with community groups, corporate partners, media outlets, and employees to motivate the public to get involved.

Solution: recruit a celebrity draw

If you’re lucky enough to have a sports team in your backyard, you can put them to good use. The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank drew on the help of the Pittsburgh Pirates to motivate students from nearby school districts to participate in their annual Fall Food Share event. Teens and Pirates alike traveled to grocery stores around the city to gather cash and in-kind contributions from shoppers, before regrouping at the food bank’s headquarters to rub shoulders and repackage food for distribution. It was a wild success, with 2,000 students bringing in over $170,000 in cash contributions and an untold quantity of food. In addition, it provided a rewarding experience for local teens.

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