Food bank boosts post-holiday donations through newspaper Op Ed

Fairbanks food bank boosts post-holiday donations
[image credit: Fairbanks Food Bank]

Drop off in donations to food bank after holiday season

Most food banks experience a surge in both demand and donations during Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Hundreds of local residents kick into gear to supply meals to local residents in need. But Thanksgiving is a single day, while hunger is a year-round problem. After the holiday season is over, your clients will still need meals, while much of your local volunteer community may feel they’ve done their duty by pitching in once a year.

Solution: Build on success with a follow-up campaign

Volunteers and donors feel good after they give, and you can build on this success after the holiday campaign by reminding them of their community’s ongoing needs throughout the year. Invite them to double their giving by choosing a second time during the off-peak portion of the year to return to the food bank and give or volunteer. The key is to strike while the iron is hot – reaching out through an email blast or Op Ed article in the local paper to thank past contributors and make them aware of the opportunity to double their impact.

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