Food banks coordinate to fill gaps in meal coverage during the weekend


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On some days, no food services are available

When Soup Kitchen president Anne Erbschloe recently learned that Callaway County's homeless have no resources for food over the weekends she was appalled, and immediately took steps to rectify the situation.

"I don't know why, but it had just never occurred to me they didn't have food on the weekends," Erbschloe said. "These homeless people that are staying (at Wiley House, the overnight shelter in Fulton) … on the weekend we found out they don't have anything, and we can't have that."

Solution: Organizations coordinate to cover each day of the week

For several weeks now, Erbschloe and fellow Soup Kitchen volunteers have been putting together sack meals consisting of sandwiches, fruit, chips and dessert, and a couple of gallons of milk to take to Wiley House on Fridays.

"They have capacity for 17 people, so we've been taking over 51 sack meals," she said, noting she visited the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri on Monday and purchased soup to supplement the sandwiches. "I don't think in this country, with all the resources we have, there should be people that are hungry.

"The thought of anyone going hungry makes me sick."

Erbschloe already has lined up two different groups to help provide the weekend coverage. Starting in December, First Christian Church in Fulton will be handling the first and third weekends of each month, and William Woods University's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity will be handling the second and fourth weekends. During months in which there are five weekends, Erbschloe said "we'll see that they get something."

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