New Food Stamp Program Helps Recipients Buy Fresh Food from Farmer’s Markets


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Food stamp program limits recipients to less healthy, processed food

Large food manufacturers are a major recipient of money from the food stamp program. This puts small farmers and producers at a disadvantage, and is detrimental to the health of recipients, since approved foods are often processed.

Solution: Allow recipients to purchase farmers market produce

The U.S. Department of Agriculture just announced that $31.5 million is now available as grants to programs that help make farm-fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable for families who rely on food stamps.

The Food Insecurity Nutrition Program is modeled on the Fair Food Network's Double Up Food Bucks initiative in Michigan and Wholesome Wave's Double Value Coupon program at 350 farmers markets across the country.

Both programs boost the purchasing power of SNAP, or food stamps, at farmers markets. If a SNAP recipient uses $10 of their benefits at a farm market, they get $20 dollars worth of produce. The USDA grants, which have to be matched by private donations, will provide the $10 subsidy.

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