The Blog: 10/18/2016 – Progress Update

I’ve been tinkering with this project for a few years now – it’s been through two or three different iterations, and I think we’re finally ready to start building something to be proud of.

Solutionbank started with the simple but seemingly impossible task of condensing the world’s greatest ideas into a handbook for solving our planet’s most pressing problems.

All journeys begin with a first, inconsequential step, and we’ve now made that step. As of yesterday, we have a basic foundational knowledge base of over 200 good ideas, and our small team of contributors will be building that knowledge base day after day.

We don’t intend to simply pile up good ideas into another blog-style site. The goal is to organize them into something useful. Over the coming months you will begin to see a handbook taking place, with chapters for major categories like Healthcare, Hunger, and Environmental Conservation.

How you can get involved

We are looking for passionate people who are interested in sharing good ideas to the knowledge base. If you’d like to share an idea here or there, we have a place for you; if you spend several hours each week reading and researching a particular topic, a partnership with SolutionBank can also generate new career opportunities for you; and if you’re a working professional who could use a dedicated researcher to unearth new ideas for your organization, let’s see if we can accommodate you.

Contributors – post ideas

Anyone wishing to share good ideas to the knowledge base can join as a contributor. Simply answer a few questions about yourself on the following page and we’ll set up a contributor profile that allows you to post ideas using a brief webform. No knowledge of HTML is required – just fill out some basic information about the idea and we’ll do the rest.

Editors – organize ideas

After posting at least 15 ideas to the knowledge base in your topic of interest, you should have a basic understanding of the structure of a SolutionBank post. Hopefully you’ve also learned a few things along the way. We’ll give you expanded access to the actual structure of the SolutionBank handbook, which allows you to begin organizing the ideas you’ve gathered in your own little corner of the handbook.

Fellows – share ideas

After you’ve contributed an additional 15 posts as an editor, you can interview for a SolutionBank fellowship. Fellows must show some professional expertise in the topic of interest, because they will be paired with a partner organization in a part-time research capacity. As a SolutionBank Fellow, you will listen to the goals and needs of your sponsoring organization, and then find emerging practices that may be of use to your sponsor while gathering their feedback on those ideas. While the time commitment should not entail more than a few hours a week, the fellowship will expose you to the leading ideas in your field, while also building real relationships with potential employers.

If you are interested in contributing ideas to SolutionBank, please contact us using the following form

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